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26 January 2014

Welcome Kasey!

Meeting Kasey.  PJ needed to eat dinner, so I gave Kasey a tour of the yard.  She's very petite like my Cierra, and she's very sweet.
Kasey and Cierra.  Dogs should meet nose to butt, they've already done that, so it's ok for them to be nose to nose.  
Coto, Kasey and Cierra.  Zane and Boca are inside.
Coto and Kasey.
Kasey in her kennel.  She ate dinner.  She can stay in her kennel tonight (her safe place) and tomorrow during the day the kennel door will be closed so she can interact with the pack.  I may take her out for a short introduction to hiking tomorrow.  
Boca, getting to know Kasey and sniffing her kennel and toys.
Like a little princess on her comfy bed.
No Kitty Bad Kitty, checking the new dog and the new smells.
Boca is blind, he's trying to sniff out that tasty horn that came with Kasey (it's not there, we put it up until my boys and girls go to bed.)

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