“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

19 April 2019

Life Via My iPhone Pictures

This powerful quote is by author/lecturer, Marianne Williamson (not Nelson Mandela).
My son and some of his co-workers at Caterpillar.  
My son and his girlfriend, Ale.  New Years day sunrise photo. 
My son. 
I took a friend out for her first tattoo.  I haven't seen Chris in a long time, it was good to see him again.  
Wise Wolf.
Cute flowers I found at a friends house.
Out exploring - Elephant Head.
The Good Shepherds, Kei and Liam.  With their friend Zoe behind them.
Family: me, my dad's wife Teri, my dad, my son, and his girlfriend Ale.
SNOW!!!  It snowed in Green Valley, AZ on Feb. 22nd.
Snow Shepherds: Rescue/foster, Luna with Liam and Kei.
Kei, Luna, and Liam.
A perfect 16 dog day.
A perfect 16 dog day. 
Early spring flowers in a friends yard.
My dynamic duo: Kei and Liam.
Liam Ari Puppypants, I love you so. 
Birds nest at a friends house.

12 February 2019

Entheos Retreat at Enchanted Ridge (California)

I flew in to Oakland, CA.
Bay Area flowers.
The little house I stayed in at my friends house before heading in to the mountains for our retreat.
Bay Area flowers.
Bay Area flowers.
Bay Area flowers.
Bay Area flowers.
Bay Area flowers.
Bay Area flowers.
Bay Area flowers.
We stayed at "Enchanted Ridge", located near Cohasset, CA.  The property, home, barn, former schoolhouse, sauna, lake, swimming pool, and even the outhouse, were all beautiful.  
A lovely collection in one of the bedrooms.
Exterior of the former schoolhouse.
There was snow, and it was beautiful. 
The path between the house and the barn.
Upstairs portion of the barn, primarily used as a yoga studio.
Snow hanging from the roof above the kitchen.
Based on the mustache, I think it's a boy snowman ;)
My bike ride in the snow.  Lake/sauna.
Cold, but fun.

Swimming pool.  
Selfie at the pool. 

At the waters edge.



The weather forecast called for snow, but we received light rain and a little bit of fog.
I found a healing heart.
One one of my daily walks, two of the cats walked with me.
A walk with kitty.

Tall trees, I will miss you.
A heart in nature.
A greenhouse off of the living room led to stairs that went in to the basement.
Olive oil jars in the barn.
Me, in a tree.
Bike ride in the snow.
Dogs that lived on the property.
The former schoolhouse, and the porch side of the house.
This scary beast in the basement heated the home and the water heater with firewood.

A walk with kitty.
Lovely path.

Flying home, goodbye California.