“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” -Henry Ward Beecher

25 October 2014

Farmer's Market at Singh Farms

The early bird gets the worm.  Or, see's the accordion player. 
Random flower on the sidewalk. 
Singh Farms.  This little patch of land right off the freeway is like narnia for grown-ups.  It's amazing here.
Today's outing is a gift for my birthday from Lisa.

Daily Dog

Cierra wouldn't give Boca one inch of space.
Boca and Buster. 
Pink Floyd. 
Jim Morrison. 
Who's the most handsome dog at the vet's office?  
Who's the biggest dog in the exam room?  
Who's the brat who refused to load up in the back where the dogs ride?
Zane and I walked to the fire station.  Round trip it's exactly four miles. 
And then Zane napped.
Zane and Hera. 
Accident waiting to happen.
Pink Floyd, Boca and Jim Morrison. 
Zane and Boca.  I love my boys. 
This may be the best picture of Zane, ever. 

19 October 2014

Dogs and Happy Birthday To Me!

The dog ate my homework. 
Bedtime for my three, Zane, Boca and Cierra. 
Cierra and Hachi. 
Pink Floyd and Cierra. 
At the dog park with Buster and Hera. 
At the dog park with Blue, Hera, Rexx and Buster. 
At the dog park where Blue finds his stunt double. 
Buster found a new friend at the dog park. 
Zane and Hachi. 
Hachi-boo, we love you. 
I have the best friends.  My hiking buddy sent me some Fall leaves from Ohio and a t-shirt for my birthday.
Zane and Hera. 
My Starfish bloomed its first flower. 
Zane and Hachi. 
Going to the dog park: Blue, Hachi and Buster. 
Hachi and Blue. 
At the dog park. 
Hachi and a new friend at the dog park. 
Cloudy morning at the dog park. 
Blue, Buster and Hachi. 
Our giant fox-like Shepherd: Pink Floyd. 
Zane and Jim Morrison. 
Hachi, Cierra and Blue. 
Happy Birthday surprise!  My son is here!  The last time I saw him was in May at his college graduation.  He's working full time and doing really well.  I'm proud of my little man. 
My son's girlfriend is out of town, she sent her dogs in her place.  Lily and Sally. 
Birthday margarita, cheers! 
Birthday lunch. 
Birthday fried ice cream. 
My son, me and my friend Stacey. 
Stacey treated us to lunch at Popo's Fiesta Del Sol Mexican Food. 
Sunset at my mom's house. 
Sunset at my mom's house. 
My mom made a bracelet from old horse tack.  Four years ago, the braided leather bracelet was as big as the new one.  From being worn 24/7 and being wet, it's shrunk.  It used to say "not all those who wander are lost". 
Birthday loot.  I received cards and gifts from as far away as Belize and Poland.  I'm a lucky girl. 
Birthday cake and ice cream. 
Big and little - Morrison and Buster. 
Bunnies at The Stock Stop. 
Dog training with Hachi. 
Dog training with Hachi.