“Let the sea breeze blow your hair, let the sunset bring tranquility to your heart, let the distant places you travel allow you to explore yourself.” -Soumya Kedia

27 September 2015

Six Months: I Miss You Cierra

19 September 2015

Hiking: Kent Springs Trail, Madera Canyon

Sylvester Springs. 
Sylvester Springs. 
The peach tree at Kent Springs. 
One of my favorite pictures of the day. 
Rain at Bog Springs. 
Sitting at Bog Springs enjoying the rain, watching the leaves fall and the squirrels play. 
My hiking buddy Jenn.  
Max elevation 6442', min elevation 4794', accumulative elevation gain 2681', EG 1648'. 
6.8 miles.
YTD: 69.2 mi. 

12 September 2015

Hiking: Kent Springs Trail, Madera Canyon

We hiked the Bog Springs trail to Kent Springs.
There were a dozen hikers.  We stopped several times during the steep elevation gains.  
Hungry caterpillar.  
Hearts in nature. 
Our hike leader, Ed.  He likes to tell jokes as we hike.  
Horned lizard. 
In the distance is where I live: the towns of Sahuarita and Green Valley. 
Love the boulder field here. 
At Kent Springs, there is a peach tree.  
Peach tree.
After our snack break at 6378', we begin the descent.  
A helping hand.  One of our hikers fell and had some minor injuries.  
Highest elevation: 6378', lowest elevation: 4717', accumulative ascent: 2145', elevation gain: 1661'.
6 miles (I believe it would have been about 6.5-7 but we cut the hike short to help our injured hiker).  This is a moderate hike but one I'll do again.
YTD: 62.4 miles.