“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” -Henry Ward Beecher

20 November 2014

Hiking: Lake Pleasant, Pipeline Canyon Trail to Yavapai Point Trail

On the way in, we saw nine burros.  
Dear Baby Burro: will you marry me?  You are adorable, warm and fuzzy.  How could I not love you? 
Burros along Pipeline Canyon Rd.
I'm sorry you have burrs on your tail.  If you'd let me, I'd pull them off.  
Baby burros.
Pipeline Canyon Trail, beginning from the North end.
The view from Yavapai Point Trail.  Across the valley is Pipeline Canyon Trail.  
Looking up.
Looking down. 
Looking up at the twisted arm of a saguaro. 
My hiking buddy David enjoying the view. 
Almost at the top, nice views. 
The last bit of trail and we're at the top.
The view from the top of Yavapai Peak.
1934.  I'd like to know what the "Cholla" stamp stands for, but I can't find anything on line that helps me with that.
David hiking by the same saguaro with the twisted arm.
72 degrees, 4.2 miles.
YTD: 94.2 miles.

Me with my hiking buddy David (aka: Mr. Bosseh-Pants).  I haven't seen him for several months, it was good to catch up.  

16 November 2014

Goodbye Pink Floyd, Hello Jimi Hendrix and Random Things

Blondie is so cute and smart, this one is special.  
Crowded in my bathroom. 
A picture of my mom's horse property in Cave Creek, AZ from the mid 1990's.  
Buster enjoying his meal while the pack looks on. 
Cierra and Boca out on a neighborhood walk. 
Pink Floyd was adopted by a lovely family in Flagstaff.  We'll miss you PF! 
Boca diving in to an empty cottage cheese container.  
I love you Boo.  Please stop aging. 
The monsters under my desk: Zane, Hera, Blondie. 
Welcome Jimi Hendrix.  He makes my Cierra look so small. 
I may have already posted this.  Halfway up the mountain off trail.  
The view from the top.
Spay day for Blondie.
A magnet on Dr Kit's Mobile Vet van.
Pretty Blondie. 
Blondie's post-spay hamburger. 
The child's meal french fry is the same size as the child's meal toy. 
Meeting Ryker.  We're hoping to have Ryker join us for a board & train session.  I'll tell you more about him when that time comes.
Hera doesn't like to be cold. 
Good morning from Rexx and Hendrix. 
Rexx loves PJ.
Cierra and Zane. 
Cotton field in Arizona.
Photo credit
Hurray, Jager's here!  (Between Boca and Zane).
Alternative title: "Follow me to the powdered doughnuts" -Rexx
Boca greeting my hiking buddy Frank. 
Hera, Jager and Boca. 
Blondie relaxing with Zane. 
Jager and Zane think they can both fit in my lap. 
Lap dogs. 
Jim Morrison (aka: Jimmy). 
A lazy dog day on Sunday.