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27 January 2014

Catching Up & Kasey's First Day

Our GSD friend Jager and Zane.  He likes to snuggle with the other dogs.
Our friend Mustafa from Alaska, meeting the pack.
Pretty Jager.
No Kitty Bad Kitty giving Boca some kitty love.
A new vari kennel!  Thanks Honey!  All the dogs and the cat are checking out the new kennel.
No Kitty Bad Kitty and Coto.
Good Morning Kasey!  Having breakfast.
Kasey's kennel door was closed but not latched.  Coto opened the kennel door and let himself in - this is such a good quality for a working dog.
Coto's so proud of himself in there.
Kasey in the kitchen while the other dogs eat their breakfast.  I always see things in my pictures I should take care of, like putting away the bags of dog food on my kitchen table.
Kasey eating from PJ's palm, she wouldn't do this yesterday.
Kasey at the watering hole.  She's so tiny.

Coto puppy and Boca from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

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