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15 December 2013

SPR Meet And Greet AND Santa!

Boca's adoption day!  Mine, mine, mine!  He's mine!  :)
Boca with Santa-paws.
Cierra with Santa-paws.
Boca sharing the love with the woman who saved his life.
(Photo credit: SPR)
Hero (deaf) with Boca (blind) -- furry love abounds.  
No Kitty Bad Kitty in the dog kennel.
Play time with Boca.  His belly is tickleish -- ha ha! 
Play time with Boca.
Boca sleeps.
Santa-paws with Cierra, Obi and Boca.
Meet and greet, the dogs along with the volunteers and fosters.
So polite and well mannered.  Her face reminds me of my Cierra.
Boca had such a good time mingling with the people and the dogs.  He's come so far in our 12 days with him.
Cierra with Trish and a handsome Belgian Malinois who will be available for adoption one day (he's a bit shy right now).
(Photo credit: SPR)

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