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15 December 2013

Boca's Adoption Day

Boca, Obi and Cierra. 
PJ with Obi, and me with Boca (blind Shepherd) and Cierra.  
I am so happy to have Boca in my life, words can't begin to express how much this boy means to me.  He's smart, loyal, strong and confident.  I now have two German Shepherds that were labeled as 'worst case scenario' and they are proof that with proper guidance and leadership, they can shine as well balanced, loyal, happy dogs.


Kasia said...

we are so happy for you ! love this photo !

Anonymous said...

OMG I am SOOO Happy for you and for Boca. He is such a beaut and his story breaks my heart. How can people do these things to animals? I'm glad he has a place in your home and hearts.