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11 December 2013

From Pig To Park

Boca and Kobe sleeping on the pink pig stuffie.  Cierra is behind Boca.
Headed out for a walk and to do some work.  My Honey with Kobe and Obi.
Cierra and Boca.
Boca, Kobe and Cierra in a "down", w-a-y over there.  Can you see them? 
My Honey with Kobe, Obi and Cierra.  Obi is dragging his leash and Cierra is off-leash.
Kobe, Obi (standing, he's not working), Cierra, and Boca.  
Cierra and Kobe.  We use the playground for confidence building.
Cierra showing Kobe how to go down the slide.
Boca sliding down the slide.  The blind Shepherd actually handles the slide the best.  He's amazing.  Cierra is rushing over to say "congratulations, man!".  
Kobe.  Isn't he handsome? 
Boca and I playing at the playground while PJ works with Kobe.
Kobe, at the park.
The barking dog corridor.  We use this area to train with distractions.  Cierra (standing), Kobe (down), Obi (standing), and Boca (down).    
Boca, Cierra and I waiting for old Obi.  I'm also teaching Boca to sit when we stop.  
At the park for a little free time.
Three excellent Shepherds in a down.  From here we left them and walked across the park.  I am so proud of Boca's accomplishments.  Kobe is doing great too, he still needs practice and consistency.  

P1090867 from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

P1090909 from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

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