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10 December 2013

Boca, Kobe, Obi And No Kitty Bad Kitty

Boca and his stuffie.
Old Obi with Boca.
Kobe.  He's a good boy, he needs a family to love him and squeeze him.  
Boca looking for the cat.  I'm not sure if the cat understands that Boca is blind.
Kobe playing with the stuffie, he likes to give it a good shake.
Boca, Kobe and Obi mingling.  
Boca, using his nose to locate the cat.  A moment ago the cat was upside down trying to play with him.
Boca trying to locate the cat.
*bop* the cat touching Boca.  
The first time we've let Boca up on the sofa.  I know for most people this is a given, but here it's earned based on their level of training and progress.

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Trisha said...

How amazing, with love and understanding a dog's world can be turned around to trust again.