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07 April 2013

CO to AZ

Pretty Colorado, I luv you.
Cierra, relaxing in Montrose.
Leaving the Telluride, CO area, headed South.
Pretty scenery.
From Telluride it's beautiful but loses its charm about the time I arrived in Cortez.
This is why we cannot drive a Fiat.  Two adults, one German Shepherd dog and a helicopter, equates to a lot of stuff.
Driving through Indian country in Arizona.  Definitely a change in scenery.
River crossing. 
Stopping in Northern Arizona for a potty break.
Arizona sunset.
Northern Arizona.
Almost home, Arizona sunset.
Indian country, Arizona.
I've driven by these a few times, one day I'll stop for a closer look. 

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Kate said...

Thanks to you and yours photo Olive, when someone (mainly on blogs/websites I'm visiting) is saying is going to Arizona, or is showing pics from there I KNOW where they've been and what they are talking about :-) And most of it can easli show on the USA map where it is ! Yey !