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14 February 2013

Snow Day

We didn't fly today, it snowed most of the morning and we were released mid day to try again tomorrow. Tomorrow they have avalanche control scheduled early in the morning, which means we drop explosives out of the helicopter. After that, we take groups heli-sking. My photos are out of order, and I'm too tired (aka: cranky) to try to rearrange them tonight.

Getting organized.

At our remote fueling location.

Helicopter dog is vigilant.
Snow at KTEX.
After the snow, the clouds are starting to clear.
A shot through my windshield of a former sheep ranch.  The smallest building is the house.  I really like these wood buildings.
Cleaning the hanger while we wait.
Cold.  It was about 19(F) degrees.  
Feeding my feathered friends.
Ford helping Ford.
"What kind of therapy dog is she?"  The kind that keeps me sane.
A roadside shot.
N911FS in the snow at KTEX.
My pilot & my dog.
My ride and his ride.
Snow in the trees at our remote fuel site.
Looking up.
View of the surrounding mountains.

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Kate said...

Lovely photos, as usual :-) If you like them wooden huts, you would love the ones in Swiss or Austrian Alps !