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15 February 2013

Flying High In The Sky

Today's photos were taken with my iPhone4S.

Our morning started with avalanche control - dropping explosives from the helicopter. After that, we took four groups heli-sking.

I'm still having issues with how Blogger uploads photos, it's very frustrating. So, like yesterday, my photos are out of order.

"Look Ma, I'm making bombs!"
This is Bill, he's a bomb expert and heli ski guide.  I helped him today.  Or got in his way, same thing.
Back seat 'o bombs.  This morning we took 8 "big ones" and 10 3 x 8's (they're in a bag at our feet).
Note to self: never, ever think that two pairs of wool socks with my hiking boots feels as warm as two pairs of wool socks with my Sorel boots. 
The place where we assembled the explosives.  It wasn't really an exact science. 
Picking up Bill at The Peaks.

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Kate said...

I hope you are bomb-proof woman :-) Nice pics !