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08 March 2012

Random Stuff From 27255

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I'm supposed to be studying, but I'm easily sidetracked when I'm sitting in the sunshine in my back yard. I bought some pomegranate infused raisins, and they're awful, so I gave them to the birds. The birds like them. Lesson learned, some flavors aren't meant to be mixed.

Oh, and studying. I'm in the process of getting my Class A CDL. With the hazardous materials endorsement. And tankers endorsement. OH MY! This is so that I can continue to do what I've been doing for the past five years -- chase helicopters with my dog -- and soon I'll get paid for doing what I love. Love that.

Meanwhile, fuzzy face is enjoying life.

Mean kitty bats at Cierra's tennis ball.

My two furry clowns. Suki is stalking a bird. Cierra, I love, LOVE, love you my puppy.

Water pools in the hole in the yard where the sprinkler is, Suki is drinking water from there. Never mind that she has water bowls inside and out that I dutifully care for daily.

Cierra is happy after playing in the water hose.

A wet dog is a happy dog.

After playing with the neighbor boys, Cierra is too tired to eat her apple. And my girl LOVES her carrots and apples.

The full moon from my back yard.

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Anonymous said...

So Cierra likes carrots and apples? LOL. My geriatric cat LOVES canned corn and today I found out she goes ape-crazy for steamed cauliflower. Such an odd little kitty.