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10 March 2012

Hiking: Pipeline Canyon Trail, Lake Pleasant

Today Cierra and I joined Lake Pleasant Park docent, Frank, for a hike along Pipeline Canyon Trail. It's been too dry for wildflowers this Spring. The weather is perfect though, about 75 degrees.
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My GPS tracks, out and back for a total of 4.3 miles.

A few of the hikers gather in the North parking lot.

A few more of the hikers, listening to Frank's pre-hike talk.

Frank is very animated when he talks.

I'm amused at his far and wide gestures when he talks.

Frank, talking about where the wild things grow.

Lake Pleasant.

Views of the trail.

The wildflowers are few this year.

Frank, poking the wild things. He's explaining the difference between Buckhorn cholla, Staghorn cholla, Teadybear cholla and Christmas cholla. I think they're all evil, especially Teadybear cholla.

Lake Pleasant.


The floating bridge.

The floating bridge.

Lake Pleasant and the floating bridge.

Views from the trail.

Views of the trail.

My little woof.

A few from our hiking group, almost to the halfway point.

Where the water ends.

Views from the trail.

At the halfway point.

At the halfway point, Frank is talking about Lake Pleasant's history. Many of today's hikers were from out of state.

Life and death.

Shark bait swimming to retrieve her stick.

Shark bait returning with her stick.

Frank and fellow hikers.

My pretty girl.

Tiny flowers.

An ocotillo bloom.

Tiny flowers.


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