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17 February 2012

Cat-Dog Love

I hesitate to call Suki a "cat". That makes it sound like she's all grown up. I still want her to be a "kitten". We estimate Suki will be one year old mid-April.
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Laundry surprise.

Cierra all curled up and ready for a nap.

Fun with the water hose. She pretty much expects we'll do this every day.

A wet dog is a happy dog.

Drying her face off in the grass. She learned how to do this from watching Jager.

Suki likes to sniff Cierra's paws.

Happy girl.

A fuzzy face to love.

Sitting in the sun reading my book, I took an upside down photo of the shenanigans behind me.

More shenanigans.

Suki, pondering something.

That squishy face makes my heart melt.

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