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04 October 2010

Durango and Silverton - Driving and Flying Colorado

Today was a beautiful day mixed with both flying and driving.

We drove to Silverton Colorado during our afternoon break from flying.

Cierra and I drove to the work crew's staging area north of Dolores Colorado where Cierra and I got to fly a few times. There is another dog in the crew, her name is Annie Brown, she is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Tomorrow we're moving North from Durango to Telluride.

Cierra, ready to fly.

Cierra is helping her daddy with is paperwork.

Our roadside staging area, north of Dolores.

Up and away. Sometimes passing traffic see's the helicopter while others are so focused on their tunnel vision driving that they don't see us. A few people stopped to visit.

Colorado mountains.

A light dusting of snow.

Jordon, at the drop off/pick up point.

The elevation here is 12,500'.

The view up here is beautiful, I can see for miles.

Colorado mountains, the Fall colors are beautiful.

There are dozens of hiking, biking, motorcycle, and jeep trails in the mountains.

Hesperus Peak.

Colorado mountains.

Colorado mountains.

Large rocks, we circled around for a closer look at these.

Everywhere I looked it was so pretty.

Animus Airpark, Durango Colorado.

I love aspen trees.

Cierra posing for me on a very large rock.

PJ having a look on a mountainside piece of property that's for sale.

Cierra having a sniff around.


Cierra was here.

Silverton Colorado.

Silverton Colorado.

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