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01 August 2010

Hello from Inigok, Alaska

So far, so good... it's a long way from Peoria, Arizona to camp in Inigok, Alaska. I take in and enjoy each moment. I've traveled via big jets, a hotel shuttle in Fairbanks, walked the Chena River in Fairbanks to pass the time, and flown in a small fixed-wing airplane across Northern Alaska to camp in Inigok.

The BLM camp in Inigok is somewhat civilized with tents, propane for the gas stove and refrigerators. The camp coordinator/cook is amazing, she cooks all of the camp meals and bakes cookies. Oh, yes, there is a supply tent nicknamed "Costco", there is Coca-Cola here - hallelujah!

There are several people in camp, everyone has been very sweet.

I'm helping the camp coordinator with anything she needs - cooking, cleaning, carrying water, monitoring the radios and satellite phone, and flight following. There are two helicopters at Inigok, two pilots, two mechanics, and a few men and women who work with the BLM and USGS - I'm not sure what they do, it has something to do with the oilfield wells, fish, and/or birds.

The outhouse is an "open air" outhouse, meaning it faces the lake for a scenic view but there is no door. If the wind is blowing from the North there are fewer mosquitoes in the outhouse.

As a child I went on wood cutting and camping trips with my Ferguson cousins. I wish I'd paid more attention to camping etiquette, I might not be so dazed and confused now.

The sun never sets, it is light 24 hours a day.

At night I hear new sounds from nature.

Alaska is beautiful... I love this state and its beauty.

I miss my dog. Cierra would LOVE it here. There are some fat ground squirrels that are practically tame.

I'll have more details and more photos to share when I have a better internet connection. I'll be here for an unknown length of time, two to three weeks.
My new friend, she makes me smile.

Me with N31MH in Inigok, Alaska.

Flowers in a hydroponics tent in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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