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03 July 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

James, Gennette and Lilly (woof) are here for the weekend. At five months old Lilly is as big as Cierra now.

The "kids" are part adult, part child - they are watching SpongeBob SquarePants on TV.

James, taking the Valkyrie out for a ride...

James with his love and 'fender fluff'.

We stopped by "Ride Now" to play, J & G are racing the scooters.

King and Queen. Or, King and King. Or...

Prom King & Queen

We stopped here for sushi, because "we open all day".

J & G enjoying their sushi with dueling chopsticks.

Green tea ice cream... it was really good :)

Because a wet dog is a happy dog...

Lilly using the rug to get dried off after playing in the water.

Cierra was determined all weekend to take this yellow squeaky toy from Lilly.

Me. Smirk.

We went to another motorcycle shop, "Metro Powersports". Gennette sitting on the little Honda Rebel with James as 'fender fluff'.

Gennette likes the Ninja better than the Rebel.

James and Gennette trying the red Ninja. James preferred the blue Ninja two bikes over.

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