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11 July 2010

Flagstaff, AZ - A Dog's Day Out

We decided to take the dogs to Northern Arizona to play in the water, woods, and cooler temperatures.

A convoy of military Humvees. They were nice to see but caused a bit of a traffic snarl.

Lower Lake Mary. No water here, so we continued on.

Giant dandelion.






Samson loves the water.

Cierra loves the water too.

Samson and Cierra enjoying the cool water in Upper Lake Mary.

Cierra. I love my furry girl.

The "Princess" and the pups.

Me with the puppies.

Samson, resting.

I live in the desert, tall trees make me smile.

Me with my little Shepherd.

Mormon Lake. Is very dry.

Trees :)

Trees :)

Trees :)

Pretty skies as we drive home.

Monsoon rains.

Monsoon rains. We stopped at Sunset Point to see the rain.

At Sunset Point, lightening struck the grass and started a wildfire. While taking these photos we called 911 to report the new wildfire. It was named the 'Bloody Fire' (after nearby Bloody Basin Road), burning 3,000+ acres, and was reported as 80% contained the next day.

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