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26 February 2010


My hiking buddy, Mr. Bosseh-Pants, is going to school... he wants to become a "Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer". He needed a guinea pig for practice, so I volunteered. After a few hours I'd seen lots of things inside me from my neck down to my ankle.

Getting started on the carotid artery in my neck and my thyroid.

In Mr. Bosseh-Pants' words, this is what we're looking at: "a dual image of your posterior tibial veins, with compression of the vein on the right side, showing that it has no thrombosis at that location". In other words, my left leg.

Walking down the hallway of his school, I had to chuckle at these dummies. They are in the Respitory Tech room. It's nice that they are modest dummies and have clothes on.

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