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25 January 2010

Mud, mud, mud! Glorious mud!

I took the dogs out to play in the mud... we had no trouble finding mud behind the dam... we had so much fun!

Cierra and Charge, fairly clean - for the moment...

A look at the water behind the dam.

I don't know if this dam has a name, I think it's part of the Waddell dam system from Lake Pleasant?

It was a beautiful day, about 63 degrees, the clouds are reflected on the muddy water.

Muddy dogs.

My furry little princess had sooooo much fun in the mud.

Cierra in the mud... I was equally muddy...

Westwing Mountain.

Shark bait swims...

And swims...

And swims back...

And says "Charge, come on in, the water's fine!".

Charge and Cierra. Charge is our foster boy, he is still going through some training and hasn't earned his off-leash freedom yet.

My muddy girl.

Is it muddy enough here? We had way too much fun.

Headed back up the hill, a lot of the road is washed out.

Shark bait see's something.

At the top of the hill, we pause for a picture.

Cierra and Charge.

Oh, seriously, you two look at the camera!

Charge, Me, and Cierra. Cierra is distracted by the shiny thing on the ground. Charge is maintaining his sit nicely though.

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On YouTube: Play In The Mud Day

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