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24 January 2010

After The Rain, Hiking Westwing Mountain

In the two years I've been hiking Westwing Mountain, I have never seen water on the mountain. It seemed like Cierra and I mostly had the mountain to ourselves, there must be football on TV today.

Cierra getting a drink from the rain water.

If you look v-e-r-y closely, there is a minuscule waterfall.

Split rock.

A close-up of the lichen.


One of Westwing's features - lichen covered rocks.

The lichen is all new and green and fluffy from the rain. It's happy lichen.


Lichen. (It's hard to tell, but I'm looking up).

Do I know you?

Cierra says "What is taking you soooooo long?!"

Cierra's "dude, you are slow, look".

Cierra, wait! Carry me!

Leftover rain water. That bridge in the distance is where the 303 Loop will cross Lake Pleasant Road and intersect with I-17.

Water behind the dam.

Oh. My. Gosh. Wait for me Cierra...

My pretty girl.

My pretty girl see's someone hiking below.

Cierra's version of 'Where's Waldo?', or it could be 'Why are you so slow?'.

Another view of the dam as we climb higher.

Cierra, my best hiking buddy.

Another view of the water behind the dam. I wish our 4-wheeler was running so I could go play in the mud.

The thirsty green grass grows quickly when there is rain.

Westwing views.

The sign says "Scenic Overlook" and "Steep and Difficult Grades Ahead" - we did the steep and difficult.

Water in the desert. There is a little bit of snow on the mountains in the distance.

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