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31 January 2009

Day at the dog park: dog training 101, dogs at play, and dog hineys

PJ showing me what "Fooss" should look like. My version of the same thing looks a bit different. We're working on it.

At the dog park, this little guy was a big dog in a small dog suit.

"Sniff, sniff, sniff..."

PJ and C-dog chillin'
(Mommy factoid #117: I've had that totebag since my son was a baby, it used to hold baby bottles and diapers, 16+ years later I'm using it to carry dog toys.)

There were a dozen or so tennis balls laying around the dog park.

drei M├Ądchen: Cierra running with a female black Shepherd and a female Husky.

I don't know who this guy was, but he had a Chuckit tennis ball thrower - I want one!

Cierra and another Husky.

Cierra making her move for a sneak attack.

I wish these guys weren't in my photo, but *sigh* they are. I liked how the little dog is airborne.

Brown dog's hiney shot.

Here's a nicer shot of Brown dog.

Dogs, dogs and more dogs. And someone nice enough to share their water bowl with the masses.

C-dog is in a very brief time-out for being naughty.

Run, run, run... she had a great day!

Why is my dog on the table?

Ew, another hiney shot.

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