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05 March 2012

Learning To Fly: Gliders

PJ and I spent the afternoon at Pleasant Valley Airport. I took my first glider lesson and am on my way to obtaining my glider pilot license. At first this idea was perplexing, I'm not even qualified to fly a paper airplane. I trust My Honey's judgement when he says it'll be easy for me. My Honey will be doing some glider instruction on occasion when he's not flying high in the sky in a helicopter.
[Click any photo to see a larger version]

His and hers.
Yellow: N1232S, 1971 Schweizer SGS
Blue: N7758S, 1968 Schweizer SGS

PJ making nice with the resident cockatoo.

I was told she doesn't care for women.

He has a thing with all animals.

A cockatoo whisperer.

My Honey.

My first tow, here we go.

I could take pictures as long as we were attached to the tow line, after that I had to concentrate on FLYING.

The red knob in the center (hello clown nose) releases the tow rope.

My wing.

Lake Pleasant.

Towing PJ's glider with a golf cart back to its parking space.

I flew barefoot.

My first logbook.

All done. Goodbye until next time.

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