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04 March 2012


On today's episode of Hoarders, we meet Cierra. A seven year old German Shepherd with too many toys.

This is only a small portion of her massive collection of dog toys.

Let's watch and see what happens:

[Click on photo for a larger image]

She seems to be fixated on the brown football. A gift from the neighbor boys, it's one of her favorites.

No, folks, she seems to be going for the blue stuffie.

No, wait... she's going to select the green squeaky ball.

But with a quick turn of her head, she changes her mind, and sniffs an alternate selection.

She closes her eyes in indecision.

And ponders what to do.

Meanwhile, some joker places one of her toys on her ear. Oh the shame.

"Leave me alone."

Birds at the hummingbird feeder.

House Finch.

Cierra at rest.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG too funny!!! Argos loves his toys too. He has a toy bin and sometimes can be seen "trading" in his toys. Walk over to bin, "I'll trade you green ball (as he drops it in) and for red ball (snuffle through toys to get red ball)". Usually though he leaves them all over the house and I have to go around picking up toys as if he was a toddler. The worst are his deer antlers that have spiky parts sticking up waiting for my bare foot to step on them in the middle of the night!
Cierra looks spoiled- just as she should be!!