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21 December 2011

Hiking: Morgan City Wash, Lake Pleasant

Cierra and I took NK (neighbor kid) to Lake Pleasant to hike Morgan City Wash. I've hiked MCW several times and always love it in the riparian area. I remembered to forewarn NK that it would be muddy, and it was.
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A simple out and back hike. 3.36 miles.

We're going to hike to the yellow trees.

Because we love the trees. Yay!

Tiny flowers.

Fuzzy things.

And mushies.

Yes, folks, we have left the desert.

Always in front, look at my butt.

Huge shade trees, vines, fuzzies, LOVE that dog, what more could you ask for?

Cierra after her first big swim.

Swim, swim, swim.

Swim, swim, swim.

Swim, swim, swim.

Cattails, I love the cattails.

My pretty girl.

Cierra carries random rocks as we hike.

Chasing rocks.

Views from the trail.

Views from the trail.

There is a lot of over and under climbing along this hike.

Looking down in to "the pool". Normally you can see the waterfall but there is a giant bush-tree-thing that has grown there.

A little bit of desert scenery along the way.


Fetching rocks that NK was tossing for her.

A variety of trees.

My muddy girl waiting for NK to toss the next rock.

"Throw it, throw it, throw it"

A lovely hike, thank you Cierra and NK.

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