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10 July 2021

4th of Juplaya 2021

Vader and I headed to the Playa for 4th of Juplaya.  We were able to visit my step-kids and their family - all of whom I love very much.  Liam stayed home with one of his fur-friends.  I love my Burning Man tribe and can't wait to see them again in October.
Stopping for the night in Nevada.
Walkabout with Vader.
Dog park in Hawthorne, Nevada.
My step-monster, Alexa.
My step-monster has a little monster of her own.  She's three, she's smart, she knows I like rocks, and I love her.
How to meet a dog demonstrated by a three year old.
My step-monster, Glenn.
Glenn, me, Alexa, Jennifer, and K.  It was rainy and windy.
Alexa, K, me, Kristen, and Edith.
Thunderstorms near Virginia City, Nevada.
Rainbow near Fernley, Nevada.
Playa puppy, Vader.
Vader and his fur-friend Katsu.
Build days.
Vader and his campmate taking a break in the air conditioning.
Mariko and me.
Me and Ted.
Me and "Big Sexy".
We co-camped with Techo Gecko.
Vader had many friends to play tug of war with.
Part of our camp and my little travel trailer in the mix.
Vader and Katsu.
My friend Ted and glories skies.
The Techno Gecko gecko and Vader.
"Furball" and his drone.
Out exploring.
Out exploring.
*not my photo
Out exploring on the art car.
The Techo Gecko art car.
*not my photo
Following the Techo Gecko in the truck with Big Sexy and Furball.
Out exploring with Vader.
Similar to a quote I heard on a YouTube documentary about Burning Man that said "it's like vacation, only terrible".
Big Sexy and Vader in the air conditioning. 
Katsu and Vader.
Air conditioning break. 
My boys reunited after Liam's stay with a fur-friend.
Back at home in Arizona with Playa dust on my windows.
I was having a VERY hard time and found this thing on the ground that made me smile.
Vader and I leaving the Playa.
Last day on Playa, Vader and me. 
Vader was amazing, he made a lot of friends, had a good time, and all of his poop came home with us to be disposed of properly.

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