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29 September 2018

Welcome To The Pack, Kei

One of my clients posted this to my Little Heart K9 Facebook page, and it's so sweet.
Katja, rescue name Que (sounds like kay) is an owner surrender.  She served briefly as a service dog.  Agent K is now retired.  Katja's former owner cared very deeply for her, recognized what Katja needs, and was very selective as to who she re-homed Katja with.  Katja came to me with some behavioral issues, and is considered a special needs dog given her medical history. 
The day of pick up, we visited our veterinarian to begin addressing her health concerns.  We signed up for a basic obedience class to refresh her skills in a group setting and work through some behavioral issues.  Que has a willingness to do the right thing, is loyal, and is well on her way to being a well balanced pack member.  Look at that face, needless to say, I fell in love.
Welcome to the pack: rescue name Que, now carries the forever name of Kei (sounds like kay).  Kei has found her forever home with Liam, Ginger, and Phinn.  
With guidance Kei quickly became a valuable addition to my pack.  My four, with boarding guest Xena (English Bulldog).  Long ago I learned three critical things, and practice them daily with my pack: to be firm, fair and consistent.

Liam and Kei have bonded. 
Both of these dogs were rescued from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and I am very fortunate to have them.

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