“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

18 July 2017

Life Via My iPhone Photos

Fun with lime wedges. 
The day the universe gave me an elderly blind dog that could not live with cats, a feral kitten, and took my car.
Liam and Gasteau.
Liam and Ginger.
Liam with Aunty Jacquie at Pure Salon in Scottsdale.
Random door in Scottsdale.
Liam Ari Puppypants with our favorite accordion player, Tom.
Liam with a life-long friend, Cristy.  
Liam picking out toys with Aunty Julie, who spoils him terribly.
Former foster dog, Travis, living the LIFE in South Dakota.
Ginger and Liam.
"Your bad dog Ginger".  This dog must have come in to my life to teach me how dogs get away with murder.
Phinn, Ginger and Liam - out for a run where the green grass grows.
My grandma turned 93!  Aloha, Grandma.
Sharing with Ray-Ray.
That moment when you realize you and your dog have matching outfits on.
This dog is everything to me.
Liam Ari Puppypants.
Liam, visiting with Gasteau.
OMG, OMG,  OMG!!!  It's REAL this year!!!  We are going to BURNING MAN!
Liam with his friend Kolbie.
Muddy puppy.
Liam, I love your neck frills.
Liam's new friend Ziko.  
Rest in peace Rudy, thank you for spending your last days with me.  I'm so glad you made it home to your people just before leaving this world.  Thank you, too, for teaching Liam compassion for elders.
Liam and Ray.
Cloud watching with Ray.
Hot and happy puppy.
Our Sunday swim and sunset.

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