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20 June 2015

Hiking: Super Trail, Josephine Saddle Trail and Old Baldy Trail; Madera Canyon

Frank and I hiked with Sahuarita Parks & Recreation.
Up we go, we began our hike on Super Trail.
The view of the valley below.
The high temperature today was 108.  It would have been a few degrees cooler at Madera Canyon, but it was still very warm.
I spy: Frank.
A grassy section of the trail.
Looking up at Frank ahead of me.  I was a little winded but considering the elevation gain, distance and heat, I did fairly well today :)
I need to find out what these colorful trees are called, they are one of my favorite.
Sprung Spring was dry.
Me in a tree.
In 1958 three Boy Scouts died on the mountain.  You can read their story here: Death Clouds on Mt. Baldy
Josephine Saddle.
Me, with Frank.
Tree roots and rocks in the trail.
Jill (orange t-shirt) led the hike.
There were six of us on the hike. 
Lowest elevation: 5924', highest elevation 6833', elevation gain: 909'.  My GPS shows a cumulative elevation gain of 1724'. 
Super Trail, Josephine Saddle Trail to Old Baldy Trail.  6.3 miles. 
YTD: 30.1 miles.

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