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23 May 2015

Hiking: Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

Today's hike was a 6+ mile portion of the 1,200 mile Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail
Some of the trail had a lovely tree canopy.
Information about the Santa Cruz River.
You must be this high to hike this trail. 
Love the cottonwood trees.
River crossing.
Me at the river crossing.
"I'm going to shed my skin right here."  -Snake.
I *think* this is a Pipevine Swallowtail.
Tamarisk, an invasive shrub or tree, with the pink flowers, can be seen in this photo. 
The trail.
Adobe bunkhouse.
Adobe bunkhouse.
Adobe bunkhouse.
Adobe bunkhouse.
Sandy trail.
The trail with waist-high plants.
I'm not sure what this would have been.
The trail with sky-high plants.  The hiker in front of me is over 6' tall.
The half way point where we had our snack.
A few of the hikers have done this hike before and said they've never seen it this lush.
Looking back at the trail.
Prickly Poppies.
A large look at where we hiked today.  This hike takes you between the two towns of Tumacacori and Tubac, Arizona.
A close up look at today's hike.  (The map orientation has been turned.)  Today's hike was 6.3 miles, out and back. 
YTD: 14.4 miles.

The entire 1,200 mile trail, from Mexico to California. 

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