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07 January 2015

Dog Days In A New Year

Big and Little.
Riley and Cierra. 
Papa Bear and Baby Bear. 
Buster visiting the pack with Aunty Julie. 
We play in the street. 
We play at the park. 
Aunty Julie with the pack. 
Zane was so proud of himself playing in the blanket. 
"Whaddya mean there's no Christmas gift for me?!"  -Jimmy
Zane, Hera, Jimmy. 
Marley and Jager. 
Rexx keeping an eye on PJ's sisters. 
You're doing it wrong Boca :)
Zane and Hera. 
When my Boca Bear came to us a year ago his ear tips were raw.  Now his ear tips are fully healed and have fur growing on them.
Hera and Zane.
Sunny bunnies.
Radar and Hera.  
Baby Bear and Momma Bear.
Hera and Cierra. 
Sophia and Diablo. 
Aunty Suzette came to visit the pack with her dogs Sophia and Diablo.  She adopted Sophia from us last summer and Sophia is doing great. 
Radar, Hera and Zane.
My son's New Year's Day sunrise picture.  Happy 2015! 
Riley's mom Jen home from Christmas vacation.  
Love from the sharks in the shark tank. 
Sleepy Boca.
Good night boys and girls. 
"Now that I have you cornered, there's some things I'd like to discuss."  -Zane
Saying goodbye to Joel.  
Joel's new family. 
Gator wrestling, Ryker and Radar. 
Hera sleeping on Boca. 
Rexx sitting on my coffee table.  
"Devil dog" (Marley) standing on my chair. 

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