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23 December 2014

Hiking: Camp Creek Falls, Tonto National Forest, Arizona

We hiked in Blue Wash to Camp Creek Falls.  
Cierra is 11 years old.  
Cierra following my hiking buddy Frank.  
*steeper than it looks*  It's about 10 feet down and the rock is smooth from hikers sliding down.  
After Frank slid down, I sat on top of the rock and then weenied out of sliding down.  Next time I will find my brave and slide down. 
A heart shaped rock to bring home. 
This said "climb me" but I didn't. 
I'm not sure what this is, plant or weed, but it was really big. 
Another heart shaped rock to bring home. 
Great green globs of greasy, grimy gopher guts, and me without my spoon.  :)
Cierra helping Frank investigate things.
Cottonwood leaves. 
I love you Boo, please stop aging. 
I could have sat here all day and listened to the water.
Time to descend the falls and go get my shoes. 
If you could hear it, you might like the cottonwood tree leaves blowing in the breeze. 
Cierra and Frank exploring the water. 
Me and my Boo with the waterfall. 
She's so patient with where I put her for photographs. 
Seven decades right there and he's tightrope walking fallen trees.  
Back at the rock Frank slid down. 
Adventure in a side wash. 
Over and under = fun. 
The view from the top. 
3.1 miles.  66 degrees.  A beautiful day to hike to a place I'd never been before and will return to.
YTD: 115.6 miles (I'd like to double this number in 2015).

P1150500 from Olive on Vimeo.

P1150493 from Olive on Vimeo.
Photo credit: Frank
Frank climbed up here.
Photo credit: Frank
Frank's view looking down on the falls, Cierra and I.
Photo credit: Frank

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Kasia said...

I like those short movies. Sometimes its hard to share the feelings and emotions only by photos...