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12 December 2014

Daily Dog; Welcome Marley and Joel

My boys: Zane and Boca.
Feeding my leftover popcorn to the "birds". 
At the Lake Pleasant visitor center, a tarantula stuffie.
Jax (center) has the tennis ball.  The others are waiting to see what he's going to do with it. 
Welcome Billy Joel.  Joel was rescued from a shelter in So. California. 
Welcome Bob Marley.  Marley was listed as aggressive, we picked him up while in So. Cal., this handsome dark boy was immediately integrated in to our pack and is on his way to becoming an adoptable boy.
Marley meeting Cierra.  Rarely do they mess with the pack matriarch, but we keep our Cierra safe. 
Joel already at play with our Boca. 
10 Dec Zane celebrated his 2nd birthday.  Something at the neighbors house has his interest. 
The dirty dozen.  
Welcoming Marley to the pack. 
Joel (orange collar) and Marley (center).
Sharing treats from the pack leader shows that good things happen when you're nice to the other dogs in the pack. 
7 of 12: Zane, Boca, Joel, Jax, Marley, Rexx and Cierra. 
I always stop and see the chicks when I visit The Stock Shop for dog food.
Happy Birthday Zane!  
A quick stop at Costco for benadryl and flowers.
A lovely little shopping center in Scottsdale. 
11 Dec Obi joined his master in heaven.  We'll miss you old Obi and we're grateful for the time we got to spend with you. 
Zane's annual vet visit.  My Zany boy weighs 64 pounds, is healthy and immunized.
He was polite to the vet but very happy to leave.
My boys: Boca and Zane.

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