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05 November 2014

The Shark Tank and Happy Birthday Boca!

Stacey brought birthday treats and gifts for Boca.  Boca's boo-day is October 31st, Happy 6th birthday Boca! 
Welcome to the shark tank Ken!  Ken came to meet Pink Floyd.  But no visit to the shark tank is complete without meeting ALL of the sharks.
My Zane.
As you can see, the dogs are not allowed on the sofa.
Rexx and Hera. 
Mushrooms on my dog walk. 
My Boca bear on our walk. 
A white dog nap: Lady and Buster. 
The pack waiting to greet a new dog, Blondie.
(L-R): Lady, Cierra, Zane, Pink Floyd and Rexx.
Lady welcoming Blondie to the pack.  She's an eight month old female.  
Aunty Julie brought treats for the pack.  The dogs love Aunty Julie!  
Aunty Julie loves Rexx the most.
One more round of treats before she goes.
Thank you Aunty Julie!  
Welcome to the shark tank Lisa and Debbie.  Nine sharks.  
I'm having problems managing my lap dog and my laptop.
Cierra has the whole dog bed to herself.  Good night Cierra.
Blondie had spent a great deal of time separated from other dogs in her former life.  It only took her a short time to adapt to the pack and she and Pink Floyd became fast friends.  Pink and Blondie are the two fluffiest German Shepherd dogs in the house.  Pink has been adopted and will leave for his new home in Flagstaff this weekend.  

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