“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

21 September 2014

Goodbye Kobe

Pink Floyd giving PJ some love.  All the dogs love him. 
Boca and Genghis. 
Pink Floyd. 
Good morning Genghis. 
Papa Bear (Boca) and Baby Bear (Hera). 
Pink Floyd. 
Genghis and Zane. 
My mom's cat.  
Good night boys, Zane and Boca. 
Patiently waiting for the momma to get up.  Genghis and Cierra. 
This is Bella, she and her daddy came to meet Genghis and Kobe. 
Bella's daddy with Genghis and Zane.  
Bella walking Genghis.  She did amazing considering he's not an easy dog to handle. 
Bella with Kobe. 
Bella with Kobe. 
"Let's watch Lassie save Timmy again!" -Pink Floyd.
Hachi's here!  Hachi with Genghis. 
Hachi and Genghis. 
Hachi's momma with PJ in the shark tank. 
Welcome to the shark tank Eric! 
Genghis using his leg as a binky. 
Jager's here!  Showing the pack how much she loves the treadmill. 
Jager brought good smells with her from Northern Arizona. 
Rexx, Jager and Cierra sandwiched in the middle. 
Jager waiting for someone to get up and play with her. 
My boys: Zane and Boca. 
Delivering Kobe to his new home, this is his new friend Abby.
Kobe has three new fur-friends! 
West Valley sunset. 
Kobe in his new home. Wait, Kobe outside his new home, his new friend is inside.
Kobe and Abby.
Goodbye Kobe, we'll miss you.   

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