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08 August 2014

Welcome Hachi, Goodbye Deegan and Goodbye Sophia

Meeting Hachi. 
Hachi meeting the pack. 
The original dog whisperer.  
Hachi and Genghis (and Princess Sophia in the background) 
Dog pile: Genghis, Zane and Boca.
Hachi making himself at home. 
Sophia and Deegan. 
Deegan was adopted! 
Riley and Hera.
"Hachi, I can't see." -Hera
My Boca bear.
Hera showing off her spay belly.  
Hera and Genghis.
Zane putting his butt on the furniture because he's not really sitting on the furniture. 
PJ and Riley. 
Deegan in his new home.
Sophia and Hera. 
Sophia's new guy, Diablo.  He's 12 years old.  
Zane and Hachi. 
Sophia on her way to her new momma and Diablo. 
Sophia and her new momma.
Boca and Riley. 
Hera with Zane after her bath. 
Little Peeps at the feed store. 
Bunnies at the feed store. 

"My Ice Cream" from Olive on Vimeo.

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