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18 May 2014

U of A College of Engineering, Graduation Weekend

My favorite son, James (he's my only son) graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona. I'm SO proud of him, he's worked very hard for this degree! My photos from the weekend are in random order, enjoy:

My son: James King.
My son and my dad on a tour of James' AME shop.
Dinner at Cafe a La C'Art in Tucson. 
Vegetable Napoleon Stack.
Chile Braised Lamb Shank. 
Mussels with Angel Hair Pasta.
Gen and James.
So, James' dad and I happened to pick the same graduation card for James.
So many interesting smells from my house on my shoes.  
Gen's cat "Patches", she's 18 years old. 
Relaxing with a friend (not in the photo, because...shy), a beer and Top Gear after graduation. 
Good night Lily. 
Gen and Lily.  
My favorite son. 
Snarky kids, breakfast at Frank's in Tucson. 
Gen and James.
A wooden Indian for My Honey who was kind enough to stay home with the dogs. 
Breakfast at Frank's.  
One of two suspension bridges at the U of A AME building. 
A view of the other suspension bridge.  
After jumping up and down on the bridge, we posed for pictures. 
My favorite son. 
U of A's AME building. 
AME building. 
All of the red brick buildings are U of A buildings. 
Tucson/U of A. 
Looking down on the suspension bridge. 
The outside temperature shown by my rental car.  Coffeehouse is the name of the satellite radio station I was listening to, they played all acoustic music.  
James inside the AME shop.
James (second from left) and friends.
James and friends: because... racecar.
From graduation night.
Graduation night.
Gen and James, graduation day.
James with his grandparents: Frank and Teri (aka: my dad and his wife).  Teri attended U of A and has been very involved in James' education at U of A.  
James with his parents, (aka: Laura and James).
James' tour of the AME shop.  
The AME graduates. 
My son's name on the big screen. 
The blur is my son accepting his U of A plaque (a substitute for the real diploma). 
My favorite son. 
James x 2.
Palm trees at the AME building. 
James explaining the things he built on this car.
Because... racecar.  It's not complete but close and will be ready for race day.
One of the things James engineered for the race car.  
Congratulations graduates, "wildcats for life".  

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