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18 February 2014

Hiking: Deem Hills Park, Phoenix, Arizona

I hiked with a group today.  I know, *gasp!*, right?  
Before the hike, Zane and I meandered around a bit.
The hike host, Rene.  
Most of the hikers.  At "circle time" pre-hike we had to say our name and our last hike.  I'm "Olive" and my last hike was at Lake Pleasant.  Oh, and this is Zane (woof!).  
Waiting in the shade.  Warm today, about 82-ish.
Zane met a friend named "Sarge".  
The hike leader, Jay (in red).  
Stopping for a group, summit, photo.
4.2 miles.  Lowest elevation 1527', highest elevation 2062' for an elevation gain of 535'.
(YTD: 45.3)

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