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01 February 2014

Daily Dog

Handsome Coto - we'll miss you when you go.  We'll miss you chewing on our shoes, we'll miss you barking because you want to play, we'll miss you carrying every single dog dog toy out to the back yard - but seriously, we'll miss you and the dog pack will too.  We hope to see you when you're all grown up.  
Boca, checking for any remaining peanut butter inside the kong toy.
Love his bear claws.
Boca, Cierra and Zane.
Jager and Zane.  I'm not sure what's happening here, but it's a friendly exchange.  
The dogs at my feet: Zane and Jager.  
The dogs at my feet: Boca and Zane.
Sunny dogs: Jager and Zane.
Coto joined the others in the sunshine: Jager, Coto and Zane.
Puppies are very fidgety. 
Kasey is here for some training.  She's very timid.  Working with her may come in baby steps.  I think within two to three weeks her owners will see a "new" Kasey.  

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