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12 January 2014

More Dog Photos? Yes, I Have Many!

Dog pile in the office.  Cierra, Coto and Boca.
Coto: a very tired puppy, with Boca.
Cierra selects her space to lay down and does not budge, Boca's laying on her but she's not giving up her space.
You're a good puppy Coto.  
Jager, Cierra, Coto and Boca.
At the rescue house, Coto meeting Jackie-O.
At the rescue house, Coto meeting his new family, this is Opal.
Blurry picture - sorry :(  This is Coto's new family, Larry and Martha, very sweet people.  
Boca with his kitty.
"Mooommm, he's touching me!"  --No Kitty Bad Kitty
Coto with his stash of toys.
Coto is a handsome puppy.  I hope I can see him when he's all grown up and see how he's doing.
Boca and Coto.  Boca balled up the towel and made it just how he wanted it, as a pillow.  When Boca first came home with us he slept curled up in a tight ball.  This relaxed version of Boca makes me very happy. 
Boca and Coto.
Jager and Boca (and Coto in the background).
Bringing Kane home.  My Honey is adjusting his collar while Cierra meets Kane.
Cierra waiting to be released from her platz (down).   
Cierra and Kane.
Kane is a handsome Belgian Malinois.
My little mother hen giving Kane kisses.
Coto, Kane and Cierra.
Coto and Kane, these two are going to keep each other busy.
Coto and Kane.
Kane meeting Boca.
Obi stays as far away as possible from the garden hose.  Cierra, Kane and Coto like the water.
We like this photo.  Coto looks very wolfish, Kane is watching him closely, and Boca's ready to play.

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