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18 November 2013

Hiking: Phoenix Sonoran Preserve, North

Apache Wash Trailhead.
Apache Wash Trailhead.  Cierra says "let's go northeast!".
We hiked the Ocotillo Trail to the Ridgeback Trail to the Sidewinder Trail.  We talked about adding Apache Vista Trail but opted to wait for next time.  Our hike was 5-1/2 miles.
Cholla, I have a love-hate relationship with this cacti.  It was a good day for Cierra, no cactus stickers in her paws.
Views from the trail. 
Views from the trail, it was a lovely day.
My hiking buddy, Frank, he's estimating the height of the saguaro cactus.  
Ridgeback Overlook.  
From the Ridgeback Trail, the Ridgeback Overlook adds about 1/4 mile with scenic views.
Miles of nice trails for mountain bike riding. 
Pencil cholla.
At the intersection of "up or around?", we opted for around, saving the up for next time.
Views from the trail.
Little Miss Gray Face.  At ten years old, I think five miles might be her new limit.  
Views from the trail. 
A lovely Ironwood tree.
Cierra and I, at the Ironwood tree.
Our tracks, 5-1/2 miles, a lovely day and very nice hike.
A picture of Cierra and I from my hiking buddy Frank.

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