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05 July 2013

Keenwild Helitack: Goat Peak Fire, near Battle Mountain, Nevada

My first glimpse of the Goat Peak Fire.
Day one.  They led us in to this canyon, then promptly moved us.
Me, fueling N911FS (also known as 535).
My fuel truck, HT-10.
The reason we were promptly moved from this canyon.  
Goat Peak Fire.
My pretty girl resting in the fuel truck. 
Our view of the fire from Nevada's Mill Creek Campgrounds.
Removing the water tank. 
I'm still smiling, but it was hot, hot, hot. 
Squiggly smoke. 
My first experience with MRE's.  
Bread with PB & J.
Nevada sunrise. 
Crew shuttles. 
Thank you to BAM (Battle Mountain Airport) and Harless for their hospitality.  
Our last day - rain!  
There's my helicopter.  
My helitack crew. 
Goat Peak Fire. 
One of the water trucks, filling the pumpkin.  
My Honey and N911FS (535) coming in for water. 
N911FS (535). 
Crew shuttles. 
Crew shuttles. 
Crew shuttles. 
Crew shuttles. 
Crew shuttles.  
Scotty and Jael loading the hotshot crew and their gear. 
I'm not sure where this hotshot crew was from, they're a handsome lot aren't they?  
Crew shuttles.
Scotty and Jael (yellow hard hats) and the remainder of the hotshot crew being shuttled to the mountaintop. 
Drawing water from the pumpkin. 
The heat and the weight of the water made the helicopter a little sluggish at times. 
The other helicopter pilot taking a look at why his bambi bucket wasn't taking in as much water as it should have. 
I liked the other crews fuel truck but never did get to take a closer look to see how it was set up.
Rotating water pick ups from the pumpkin.
Rotating water pick ups. 
Drawing water in to the bambi bucket. 
The only water source, the pumpkin.  

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