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07 March 2013

Snow Days And Repair Days

Some of these pictures are from a day or two or three ago, I've lost track. We had a snow day, and then the helicopter needed some repairs.

I sent this photo to Cindy and asked if she could see the horse head.
In reply, Cindy sent this giraffe - she totally wins.  
The driveway leading to where I park the fuel truck at Trout Lake.
Trout Lake.
Trout Lake.
A snow day.  Sometimes I let my girl outside by herself but keep an eye on her from the balcony.
Can you see the snow falling?  
Cierra wasn't interested in walking in the snow.
I'm glad he was driving.
We drove in to Telluride.
We ate breakfast at The Butcher & Baker Cafe.
We stopped by the Post Office, Cierra found good smells in the snow.
I received a gift from my friend in the UK, thank you Kat!
(The green things are packaging material from a box My Honey received.)
We drove around a bit, taking care of errands.
We stopped by to see the helicopter, a work in progress.
Cierra enjoying the afternoon sun.

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Kate said...

I forgot to tell you that my parents love to watch your photos !