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13 January 2013

We *heart* Jager

We have a few days of winter weather in the high 40's. But we live in Arizona, wait a few days and winter will be over.

Jager is here for a visit.

I'll try to get a group photo of the two Shepherd's and the three Boston Terrier's later this afternoon. Cierra is being very patient with the guests we've had in the house recently.

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The best use of a box before recycling it.


Jager ripped the tag off the dog toy and this is the look I get after I said "don't tear it up Jager".

"Help, the ball is under your chair."


Because the best ball is the one the other dog has.

"It's right behind me, isn't it?"

Jager playing with the kitties, No Kitty-Bad Kitty and Nick.

Smells like kitteh.

I think Jager is trying to negotiate a trade, her teddy bear for a kitten.

Nick (7 months) and Yuki (No Kitty-Bad Kitty, 11-months).

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Kate said...

This time my favourite photo: the last one !