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05 January 2013

And Then There Were Three

My son and his girlfriend, and her white GSD, Lily have gone home.  We had a good visit and I miss him when he has to return to his life in Tucson at U of A.

That leaves us with My Honey's sisters three Boston Terriers. They're here for training and they're doing really well. With a little refinement, they will be ready to go home and live in peace as they should.

We've had four legged guests since Nick was adopted.  He still doesn't know which dog is his.  He is fairly relaxed with some of the Boston's.  He plays with his dog, Cierra.  He has yet to sleep with her like Yuki does.

[Click on any photo to see a larger version]
Our new addition, Nick, inside Cierra's dog kennel.

The former feuding sisters, Bodie and Callie-Sue sharing the kennel space.

The girls are joined by Nick.

Cat wrestling in the morning sun.

Nick is taking this very seriously with his flat ears.  Yuki plays gently.

Cierra supervising the cat wrestling.


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