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11 December 2012

Hiking: Westwing Mountain

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Out and back again; my little woof and I hiked just over 3 miles with an elevation gain of  358'.

Some people stop to smell the flowers.  My girl stops to smell the coyote scat.

Through the neighborhood and up we go.

Pause for water and to catch our breath.

I opted to do the Westwing Loop Trail.  

My poor ol' girl is getting old and tired.

I hiked the South side and paralleled the lichen covered rocks. 

Looking West.

A helicopter was out to play.

Practicing toe-in's.

Patiently waiting for me. 


Beautiful, 70-degree day.

At the intersection of this way or that way, I opted to go up rather than complete the loop.  

Looking at the North side of Westwing Mtn.

Steeper than it looks. 

In my next life I'll be a geologist and I'll know what this is called.

My little woof.

Cholla (evil cactus) skeleton. 

Overlooking New River dam.

Views from the summit.

Packrat nest.

Returning to the Westwing Loop trail.


Views from the trail. 

After the hike - we're clean, fed and relaxed.

Exhausted puppy.

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Kate said...

The views behind the Cierra (photo no 4)amazing !
And I love the last one, so sweet :-)