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04 December 2012

Hiking: Sunrise Mountain

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Cierra and I went for a four mile hike this afternoon.  

Up we go.

It's a beautiful 80 degree day.

Lichen and dry, crispy flowers.

My wonderful, loyal, hiking fanatic.

Hot and tired, sitting rolled back on her hips.

At the intersection where you have to continue the Sunrise trail loop, or go up and return to the trailhead.  We went up.

Merry Christmas in the Palo Verde tree.

My pretty girl. 

Looking at Westwing Mtn, my house is down there.

End of the hike.

1 comment:

Kasia said...

The best: photo nr 5 with Cierra next to cactus, and the one with your home in distance !
It's great to have a house so close to the hill - I believe you can climb it quite easily - anytime - to watch the sunrise :-)