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16 November 2012

Hiking: Westwing Mountain

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Our tracks, 3 miles, highest elevation = 1869', elevation gain = 542'

I like to walk to the East end of Westwing Mtn and hike up and around the backside of the mountain.

We cut through the neighborhood here.

Between Westwing and Eastwing, New River Dam.

Cierra's "I am not a coyote" red bandana.

Rocky trail.

On our way up.

My pretty girl. 

The city growth is creating pollution - *cough* *cough* *wheeze*

A beautiful afternoon for a hike. 

Gaining elevation.

"Wait for meeee..."

She spotted a mountain biker riding the trail. 

New River Dam.

Best hiking dog ever.

On one of the peaks, on our way down.

Taking our shadows for a hike. 

Watching the sun set.

The best addition to my hiking gear - "Dirty Girl Gaiters".  They keep dust and tiny debris out of my shoes. 

1 comment:

Kate said...

Like your gaiters, I have only bulky black one...
It looks you had a nice hike with sunny weather (do you have a sunshine every day?!)
Behind my window is still dark (6.05am) foggy and dump. But around noon it should improve so I'm planning to go for a canal walk...
Tak Care Laura !