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22 November 2012

Happy Unbirthday To Me

Sometimes I'm motivated by new gear. I was looking for something snug, with a few pockets, that held some water, and could be used for running: hello Ultraspire Surge.  I'm new to running, and to be honest, I loathe running.  Being a newbie, I can only run short bursts and alternate that with walking.  While I may feel like a hippopotamus while running, at least my gear might make me look good.

The back of the pack - just enough room for 1-1/2 - 2 liters of water and room to stuff an extra layer of clothing if necessary (not necessary where I live).  

This is the front - I already love the little pockets of all shapes and sizes.  

I opted to replace the Hydrapack with a 1-1/2 liter Camelbak Antidote - isn't she cute?!   

The more I do, the more stuff I acquire: Saucony Peregrines (love them); Ultraspire Surge; Camelbak Mule; my dogs gear: leashes, pack, red bandana; Dirty Girl Gaiters; and my Black Diamond Trekking poles.

Because I like to smell yummy, this is my favorite: Thymes Filigree.  


Mutil8or said...

Happy Unbirthday !


Anonymous said...

Happy Unbirthday to you! I Love the black Surge!