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16 September 2012

Moving Day

My mom is downsizing from the horse property she's lived at for 25+ years. Today was moving day.

My Honey with "Cracker". He's 30 years old.

Along with speaking dog, cat, and raccoon, PJ also speaks horse.

My mom will be moving Cracker to a horse boarding facility close to her new home. Over the past 30 years, my mom has taken in 19 horses. From unwanted castaways to multi-million dollar Arabian horses, she has dedicated her life's work to caring for them until the end. It's very hard work and by boarding Cracker, she'll still care for him until the end but without so much daily labor.

Flowers. I'm bringing this plant home tomorrow whens she moves Cracker and the very last of her stuff out of the house.

My mom's job was to relax.

Find the kitty.

My mommy.

At my mom's new house, My Honey relaxes with his Dr. Pepper.

Getting settled in.

This hutch is my mom's "baby", it has tremendous sentimental value to her. She was very pleased to find it did fit through the front door despite her fears that it might not.

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