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16 July 2012

Cave Creek Ranger Station Helibase

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Ready to go.


Tuna is not my favorite thing, but this is really tasty.

Three blackhawk helicopters.

My little woof.

Cierra, keeping cool in the water and shade under the helicopter.

Natalie and PJ (pilot), just landed, waiting for the helicopter to shut down.

My Honey.

Natalie looks really cool in mirrored sunglasses. Me? Not so much.

Cierra is helping (yeah, right) clean out the ice chests.

Everyone helps take good care of my old girl.

The big orange bags hold water.

Natalie is flight following, talking on the radio and watching for that pesky helicopter.

She's good at flight following. She repeats back to the pilot what she heard him say. That's a good thing, then everyone involved knows there's no miscommunication.

There's that pesky helicopter.

N9At at Cave Creek Ranger Station's helibase.


Lastly, some sunset photos. One of many reasons why I love the Southwest.

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